On September 11, 2015, Lieutenant Commander Edward Lin was taken into the custody of the Navy Criminal Investigation Service.  His US Constitutional rights were not protected, nor respected.  The government immediately imprisoned Eddy for more than two months before even preferring court-martial charges.  From there, the government took its time to create a conventional, easy-to-digest, sensationalized tale of espionage, misdirection, and sexual perversion.  Eddy is innocent of the alleged crimes with which the government has charged him.  He is no spy for Taiwan, China or any other foreign country. 


Eddy was born in Taiwan but became a naturalized US citizen in 1998.  In 2008, he was the keynote speaker at a naturalization ceremony for new immigrants. His heartfelt speech has since been reported in numerous news outlets that mistakenly stated that Eddy was naturalized in 2008.  This mistake is important because somehow the longevity of his citizenship is assumed to be indicative of his allegiance to the United States.  On the same note, just because Eddy was born in Taiwan and still has relatives there, should not be taken as evidence that he is willing to betray his country.

Yes, Eddy is an immigrant, so are thousands of immigrants who answered the call of duty and signed up to serve and protect their country beyond what is required of them.  Eddy’s sense of honor and a desire to be a part of something extraordinary informed his decision to join the Navy.  For many immigrants, it is our way of giving back, while having a membership, an ownership stake in our new homeland.


The government has characterized his case as a "national security case," a sly move that allows the government to control the information - or disinformation - that it shares with Eddy's family, his colleagues and the news media.  The opaqueness of the events that have transpired since September 11, 2015, has made it difficult for his family to communicate with Eddy about his case, to use case information to obtain defense counsel for him, and to formulate an effective defense strategy.  But cloaking Eddy's case in secrecy has, however, allowed the government to, in a broad stroke, categorize much of the evidence directly or even tangentially related to his case as "classified" without proffering any basis for such classification.  Initially, Navy officials told us that the government wanted to resolve the case quickly and quietly, and discouraged us from seeking a civilian defense counsel or community support.  It was only after we ignored this guidance and hired an experienced former military judge advocate to represent Eddy that we started to see the government's case for the house of cards that it is.

Nonetheless, almost nine months after the government placed Eddy behind bars in pre-trial confinement, his defense team is still asking the government to release evidence.  Meanwhile, the government charged Eddy with a litany of crimes that peddles a narrative fit for a spy novel--espionage, falsification of an official document, failure to report a foreign contact, as well as prostitution and adultery.  Unnamed "government officials" played along and conjured up different versions of this titillating tale of "the spy who loved me" for the media.  We are terribly sorry to disappoint...Eddy's tale is not as salacious as the government's narrative makes it out to be.  However, we are still mounting a defense against the government's narrative and that defense needs your financial support.


To those who served with him, who supervised him, who knew him by reputation, Eddy is still that convivial, genuine, and reliable person you know.  Eddy hasn’t changed, nor should your opinion about him.  As our own funds are running dry, we are turning to you for support.  Your donations will ensure Eddy continues to receive top-notch legal support from his defense team, to include his civilian defense attorney.  But most importantly, your donations will help in compelling transparency and adherence with the rule of law, even in the name of national security.

Thank you in advance for your support.